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Broken Bones Versus Fractures: Which Is Worse?

Broken Bones Versus Fractures: Which Is Worse?

Many clients that come to a walk-in clinic in California believe that fractures are merely a type of broken bone. But in all reality, two concepts may be used interchangeably by an emergency care provider at Progressive Urgent Care – Sebastopol. Why? For one simple reason: broken bones and fractures are the same.

Yep, you read that right. Fractures and broken bones mean the same thing, and that is, that a person’s normal bone structure has been disrupted. While there are several kinds of broken bones (or fractures, if you will), there are other ways you can use to describe the problem in a more specific manner. For instance, if your provider of urgent care in Sebastopol, California has made a diagnosis for a greenstick fracture, that typically means that it is an incomplete fracture and that the broken bone is incompletely separated. If the diagnosis was for a compression fracture, that means that the affected bone has been crushed, thus, causing it to appear wider or flatter. A comminuted fracture normally means that the bone has been splintered into three or more fragments. In such a scenario, the patient will most likely need to undergo surgery and to wear a cast or a splint for a while, in order to keep the bone from moving while it is recovering.

If you or your loved ones require urgent care services for broken bones, we offer walk-in immediate or after-hours care every day. Let us give you the medical attention that you need.

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