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Protect Yourself from the New Coronavirus

Protect Yourself from the New Coronavirus

A lot of information about the new Coronavirus is circling online, but since it is a new virus, there are still many unanswered questions about it. This unfamiliarity can be dangerous, and as we are currently experiencing a pandemic, there is no such thing as “too careful”.

Many people who caught the COVID-19 virus have needed urgent care services, and that is not the experience we want you to have. Your caring friends here in Progressive Urgent Care – Sebastopol want to make sure that you know how to lessen your chances of contracting or spreading this dreadful disease.

Whether or not you’re in an area where there are COVID-19 cases, you still have to practice preventive measures. Take note:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water.
    If you’re on the go, use alcohol-based sanitizers with at least 70% alcohol content.
  • Practice social distancing.
    You can unknowingly have and spread the virus, so please stay home as much as possible. If you have to go out, say at least 1 meter away from others.
  • Follow respiratory etiquette.
    When you cough or sneeze, always cover your mouth and nose with bent elbows, tissues, or face mask.
  • Always clean and disinfect.
    Disinfect surfaces you touch often, like light switches, faucets, sinks, tables, and doorknobs.

If you notice that you or a loved one has been feeling unwell, seek urgent care in Sebastopol, California. It may not be serious, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

We know that COVID-19 can be spread through droplets of saliva and contaminated surfaces. If you have just come from a medical clinic, then it’s best if you disinfect your clothing right away.

These may be scary times, but remember that our walk in clinic in California is always here to serve you!

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