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How to Stay Healthy During the Summer Months

How to Stay Healthy During the Summer Months

Though we embark on a new normal routine, it cannot be denied that summer is here and it’s time to have some fun. Summer months entail relaxation and recreation—more adventures and activities outdoors. Be careful though, your fun activities may cause you to seek urgent care services.

Here are some tips on how to get your family ready for summer and spend less time in a walk-in clinic in California:

Practice safe sun exposure is the key to a healthy summer. Put on sunscreen cream or spray when you go out of the house even for a short while. It will prevent you from getting heat rash and irritation. For other urgent care in Sebastopol, California concerns, call us now.

Stay hydrated is a must especially during summer. It’s the best way to beat the summer heat. However, it can be very difficult to make kids drink enough water especially when they’re out and about having fun. So, ensure that they’re under the shade most of the time, enforce water breaks, and don’t forget to bring water to avoid a visit to a medical clinic.

Summer camp physical exams are must-have for kids who are excited to spend their non-school days away from home. Getting your children ready for summer camp has never been easy and more convenient with Progressive Urgent Care – Sebastopol. Call us to get your little campers checked out with our medical staff and send them on their way to a memorable summer.

Do you have any other tips for a healthy summer? Comment down below.

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