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Managing Asthma During a Cold Season

Managing Asthma During a Cold Season

During winter, the temperature naturally dips, days become shorter, and nights become longer. For people with asthma, breathing can become a chore, especially when they go outside or try to exercise. As such, they need to consult their doctor to develop an action plan for managing asthma during the coldest of seasons.

In a medical clinic, physicians usually prescribe certain medicines for their patients who have asthma, especially those who have a pattern of experiencing breathing difficulties during winter. They also see to it that urgent care services are available for those who suddenly experience an asthma attack and need immediate attention.

Staying indoors is most advisable for people with asthma not only because there is a pandemic going on. It helps to drink plenty of warm fluids and clean the house to get rid of any allergens.

If people with asthma do need to go outside, like visit a walk in clinic in California, they should cover their nose and mouth with a thick scarf when breathing as it warms the air before it gets breathed in.

Progressive Urgent Care – Sebastopol provides services for Urgent Care in Sebastopol, California for people with asthma. For more information, please contact us today!

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