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Symptoms That Indicate a Need for an Urgent Care Visit


Urgent care provides accessible and high-quality healthcare services for situations when you need immediate care, or your primary care physician’s clinic is closed. While the emergency department or ER deals with life-threatening health conditions, urgent care in California is the middle ground between the ER and your primary care provider. Hence, urgent care is ideal for illnesses or injuries requiring immediate care but not life-threatening.

As a medical clinic offering urgent care, we will share the symptoms that require an urgent care visit:

  • Persistent Eye Discomfort

    The eye is a sensitive organ that can experience itchiness, redness, or discharge when exposed to certain conditions. If you experience these symptoms, you may have an eye infection. Some infections like pink eye are contagious, so it’s essential to get treated immediately.

  • Flu-like Symptoms

    Doctor’s offices can get busy during cold and flu season. However, seeking treatment right away when you have the flu, cold, cough, fever, or sore throat would greatly help. By seeking after-hours care from an urgent care clinic, the staff can determine the cause of your symptoms and prescribe treatment.

  • Sprains and Strains

    When you have a sprain or strain, an urgent care clinic can diagnose the affected body part to determine the type of injury and its severity. The diagnosis allows the clinic to prescribe the necessary care and treatment, such as joint support or anti-inflammatory medication.

Progressive Urgent Care – Sebastopol is an established urgent care clinic in Sebastopol, California. We treat moderate to severe medical complaints and offer urgent care services to patients who require immediate attention but are not in an emergency. Visit us at our facility for immediate care and medical attention.

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