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Signs that You are Having an Asthma Attack

Signs that You are Having an Asthma Attack

Some throat infections are common during certain seasons and can be easily confused with an asthma attack. To avoid any unnecessary panic in getting urgent care services, we at Progressive Urgent Care – Sebastopol are here to give you the signs and symptoms that you should look out for before taking action:

  • Coughing that won’t stop
  • Severe wheezing when breathing
  • Tightening of neck and chest muscles, also called retractions
  • Sweating pale face
  • Difficulty in talking

If you notice that these symptoms are present and seem to get worse despite taking medication, call an ambulance and tell them that someone is having an asthma attack. If not, then perhaps it is just a minor infection or irritation that can easily be cured by stopping by our walk in clinic in California.

Being aware of the signs and symptoms of an asthma attack can help prevent unnecessary panic in case of false alarms or can save someone’s life if it does turn out to be an attack. If you are someone who experiences asthma attacks or maybe you know someone who does, reach out to our doctors for urgent care in Sebastopol, California so you can learn more about this health condition.

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