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Panic Attacks and How to Help


We’ve all felt fear and panic at some point in our lives. These are normal human emotions when there is a threatening stimulus.

In normal conditions, the fear goes away once the threat is gone. But what if there was no apparent or specific reason to feel fear or panic? That could be a sign of a panic attack.

If you are outdoors and your loved one is having a panic attack, you can bring them to the closest Medical Clinic as they will be able to help.

Progressive Urgent Care – Sebastopol also has a few tips in case you can’t get them into Urgent Care in California immediately:

  • Move your loved one to a quieter area or away from possible stimuli
  • Encourage your loved one to focus on slow breathing or mediation
  • Give them small sips of water
  • Wrap them up in a warm blanket (if available)
  • Use soft, reassuring tones to calm them down

If their symptoms are worse, drop by our Urgent Care Clinic in Sebastopol, California. We’ll make sure that they’re well taken care of.

IMPORTANT: Do not use paper bags every time your loved one has a panic attack. While we do give them out to help patients at our After-hours Care, giving them paper bags every time they get a panic attack will lead to dependence.

It is likely that this will lead to more panic if they do not have a paper bag in hand if they have another attack in the future.

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