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Tips to Prevent Allergies During Seasonal Changes

Tips to Prevent Allergies During Seasonal Changes

Did you ever notice that during seasonal changes, you tend to visit your trusted health care clinic more often because of sneezing and congestion? This is commonly referred to as non-allergic rhinitis and its usually caused by the changes in temperature and humidity.

However, there are specific weather conditions that might trigger your allergic reaction. It is not caused by pollens during spring and fall; not poison ivy in sunny summer; nor is it the molds in winter months. For instance, cold urticaria is an actual allergic reaction to cold weather!

Although allergies can be more annoying than life-threatening, the severity of it depends on the nature of the weather. So, you still need to be careful as some of it can cause anaphylaxis. If this happens to you and you don’t have an EpiPen available, you can go to any walk-in clinic in California.

You don’t have to rush to the emergency room, but you can always go to Progressive Urgent Care – Sebastopol. Its different urgent care services include the treatment of allergic reactions. You can be sure that your medical needs are being taken care of by our skilled and competent medical staff.

Call our hotline for your urgent care in Sebastopol, California. You may also schedule an appointment with us for your other health care needs.

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