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July Allergy Forecast: What to Expect


This month of July, it’s critical to be aware of the allergies that may disrupt your everyday life. High pollen levels and allergy symptoms are common throughout the summer months.

It’s critical to take various proactive efforts to prepare for the onslaught of allergies, including knowing a credible urgent care clinic in California if worse comes to worst.

Grass pollen is the most common allergen impacting allergy sufferers in July. This is because grasses like Bermuda, Kentucky bluegrass, and Timothy grass are in full bloom.

Mold spores, in addition to grass pollen, are common throughout the summer months as well, particularly in humid locations.

So, keep a close eye on your local pollen forecast. This will help you to organize your outside activities around high pollen hours.

Pollen forecasts are available on a variety of websites and applications, as well as through local news channels.

If you happen to get some allergies that don’t constitute an emergency, we have non-emergent care in California that can help you.

However, some allergy conditions need urgent care; some can even lead to death if not addressed right away. That’s why it’s important to know your allergies well, especially this month.

With that said, always remember to talk with your healthcare practitioner or allergist about the best medications and therapies for your unique allergy requirements.

You see, you can enjoy the great summer weather while limiting your allergy problems if you are careful enough.

If you’re seeking urgent care services in Sebastopol, California, Progressive Urgent Care – Sebastopol is always here to help you.


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